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Sell my iphone

Less waste more cash

Get what your iPhone is actually worth when you recycle with reboxed. No more downgrades.


How do I sell my iPhone?

As well as being able to look for your iPhone by typing in our search tool, you can also click on the iPhone icon and find your specific model (such as Apple iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6 Plus) directly. We've added some useful links to popular iPhone models to help with that too. Register your sale by confirming that yes, you want to sell your iPhone, and we'll send you a free set of packaging so you have all you need to safely and securely post it to us. If you're in London, you can also select a doorstep collection option, making the trade in even easier. Nifty, eh?

Want to know the best part of the process? As soon as your old iPhone is in our hands, we'll get the payment to you via bank transfer on the very same day. Oh yes: do an iPhone trade with old reboxed here and we send what we promised you through an immediate bank transfer. No waiting round and hoping we don't change our minds. We won't.

So whether you're thinking "Where should I sell my iPhone?", are curious to know "How much is my iPhone worth?" or wondering "What can I do with this random Apple iPhone 6S that I just found in a drawer – and the equally random iPhone 7 Plus that was hidden beneath it?" (it's happened to us all), think reboxed. We're making it simple, speedy and sustainable to sell your unwanted tech. It's better for your wallet and better for our planet.

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