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Sell an Apple iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12 mini Cash Price

To get cash for your Apple iPhone 12 mini we must first determine the condition.

Find out how much cash or credit you'll get if you sell Apple iPhone 12 mini today.

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Sell My Apple iPhone 12 mini for Cash with Reboxed

Whether you're looking to sell your Apple iPhone 12 mini or sell your old mobile phone reboxed is the pocket and planet-friendly place to do it. Join us on our mission to rehome 100 million devices and help reduce e-waste. At reboxed, we give accurate valuations for devices using our TechCheck® scoring system. No more good, working or faulty. Just a pinpoint precise score and a price that's unique to your device. We can guarantee better value. And if you're looking to sell a broken Apple iPhone 12 mini or it is faulty, then we'll make sure it gets recycled properly and safely for you.

Here are the features we love the most from the Apple iPhone 12 Mini:

The iPhone 12 mini is the perfect phone for those who want a more compact and slightly less powerful iPhone 12.

The 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen is very clear, and it is much better than the iPhone 11's LCD screen. You'll notice the changes most when you watch HDR-compatible video.

The camera offers Telephoto lens for optical zoom, a new LiDAR scanner that speeds up autofocus and enables Night mode portraits.

The screen comes with lots of power and there's the added benefits of 5G MagSafe wireless charging.

Why should I trade in my iPhone 12 Mini with reboxed?

You can sell, recycle or trade-in your Apple iPhone 12 Mini for cash or reboxed credit if you're looking to upgrade. And if your phones are broken beyond repair, choose reboxed and we'll make sure they're sustainably recycled. We'll even plant a tree for each phone we rehome.

How to Sell your Apple iPhone 12 mini with Reboxed

It only takes a few minutes to sell an Apple iPhone 12 mini with reboxed. We're the only place where you'll get an accurate price based on your device's condition thanks to our TechCheck®: a pinpoint diagnostic score and downloadable app that guarantees you best value. We'll even pay you on-the-day if you choose our doorstep pickup or drop off a local store. Find out more about how we score phones and guarantee you an accurate price.

The smarter way to sell
  • Find your Apple iPhone 12 mini
  • Take the TechCheck®
  • Choose at your door, at a store or by post
  • Book a collection or drop off, or print a postage label to send
  • We'll confirm the diagnostics and you'll get paid in minutes

Worried about security? Don't. We data wipe and physically cleanse every Apple iPhone 12 mini that is sent to us. Find out more about our TechCheck® process.


To get cash for your Apple iPhone 12 mini you must first complete our TechCheck questionnaire. This will allow us to review the condition of your handset before we provide you with a fixed price that we are happy to pay you for your old handset.

Simple complete our Apple iPhone 12 mini TechCheck diagnostics here:

Once we know the condition of your old Apple iPhone 12 mini we can determine how much it is worth and provide you with a cash price for your old phone.

We do accept broken Apple iPhone 12 mini handsets, but we must first understand the condition of your old phone. In order to do this, we need you to complete our TechCheck questionnaire here:

Even if your old Apple iPhone 12 mini is broken and not working, you can still get cash for your old phone with Reboxed!

Once we give you an initial offer, you need to send in your old Apple iPhone 12 mini handset to us. We aim to confirm your TechCheck details and make payment the SAME DAY that we receive your Apple iPhone 12 mini This means you could get cash for your old Apple iPhone 12 mini within 7 days.

If for whatever reason we need to revise your cash offer, you have 7 days to accept it.

Trading in your old Apple iPhone 12 mini is so simple. All you need to do is start by entering your handset details into our TechCheck questionnaire. Once you have answered questions about your Apple iPhone 12 mini condition, we will give you a quote right away.

If you accept our offer, we will then send out a postal package to help you send your phone to us.