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    The sustainable way to sell your phone

    Reward your pocket and the planet
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    Trade or Upgrade

    Get cash or credit towards a reboxed upgrade or donate to good causes

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    Accurate Pricing

    Get the exact price for your device in seconds with our TechCheck® AI

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    Fast Payments

    Get paid within 24 hours, donate to good causes or choose to swap for an upgrade

    Help fight tech waste

    Over 55 million phones
    are sat in drawers

    Millions of mobiles end up going to waste every year – before eventually ending up in landfills. And every single one of those devices has taken precious earthly materials to create.

    We’re here to make it pay to rehome your old tech and reward people for reducing waste, to take the guesswork out of reselling used tech, and turn pre-loved in reloved.

    Sell your mobile 
    Over 15,000 trees planted and counting

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    reboxed revolution
    Help vulnerable people in the UK get connected

    Donate your phone

    The good news is you can help close that gap thanks to a little help from our friends at Hubbub. Have a good rummage and donate those old phones you’ve got lying around to us. They’ll go to people who need them, and you’ll also be helping fight e-waste.

    Donate your phone
    Old phones new trees

    The 100 million device mission

    Every year, the world throws out actual mountains of e-waste: 50 million tonnes and rising.

    We’re on a mission to rehome 100 million devices. For every phone we rehome, we also plant 5 trees, reducing the devices C02 impact and helping your carbon footprint, so far we’ve got 1043 in our forest. And on top of all that, we donate 1% of our profits to climate change organizations.

    Rehomed, reboxed, reloved.

    Our mission
    Why we exist for the planet
    Data Wipe

    Leave no trace

    When you sell your phone with reboxed, our Techxpert engineers personally delete every last bit of personal data, to protect your privacy.


    Beyond repair?

    If you have an old phone that’s not working and can’t be repaired or rehomed, you can drop it off at our store and we’ll make sure it gets safely recycled by our partners.

    Why reboxed?

    Seal the deal in three easy steps. Get a quote, book a pickup and get paid the same day.
    Our AI-based algorithm and TechCheck diagnostics mean you get the best price.
    Just tell us when and where to make the pick-up. Home, work, wherever.
    The first thing our engineers do is delete every last trace of personal data.
    Our money transfers are digital. Get your money via Bank Account or Paypal, or donate to planetary causes. Our reboxed collect service (London only) pays you instantly, before your phone leaves your hands. We keep all your financial details confidential and never share any data. All our transactions are documented and records archived for any request you may have in the future.
    Just in case you have a query our Customer Service team will be happy to help:

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